Property Maintenance

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Maintenance falls into three main categories:

1. Inspection to assess the condition of a building, report any problems and decide whether repair or other work is necessary;
2. Specific tasks such as testing building services and clearing debris from gutters;
3. Minor repairs such as fixing slipped slates, replacing broken glass and making temporary ‘flashband’ repairs to leadwork.

Maintenance differs from repair, which is work carried out to put right defects, significant decay or damage, and work to return a building to a good condition on a long-term basis. You should not include repairs in your maintenance plan.


Why have a maintenance plan?

The main reason for a maintenance plan is that it is the most cost-effective way to maintain the value of an asset. The advantages of a plan are:

  • The property is organised and maintained in a systematic rather thanad-hoc way;
  • Building services can be monitored to assist their efficient use;
  • The standard and presentation of the property can be maintained;
  • Subjective decision making and emergency corrective maintenance are minimised.